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Instrument(s) - Check all that apply
Accordion: Guitar (classical): Sax (soprano):
Bassoon: (electric): Sax (tenor):
Bass (electric): Harmonica: Steel Drums:
Bass (upright): Harp: Timpani:
Cello: Harpsichord: Trombone:
Clarinet: Keyboards: Trumpet:
Cornet: Marimba: Tuba:
Drums: Oboe: Vibes:
English Horn: Organ: Viola:
Euphonium: Pedal Steel Guitar: Violin:
Fiddle: Percussion (auxiliary): Vocals (soprano):
Flugelhorn: Piano: Vocals (alto):
Flute: Recorder: Vocals (tenor):
Flute (piccolo): Sax (alto): Vocals (bass):
French Horn: Sax (baritone): Xylophone:
Guitar (acoustic):    
Style(s) - Check all that apply
African: Film Music: Reggae:
Avante Garde: Gospel: Rock (alternative):
Bebop: Hip Hop: Rock (classic):
Big Band: Indian: Rock (contemporary):
Blue Grass: Jazz: Rock (folk):
Blues: Latin: Rock (metal):
Broadway/Stage Middle Eastern: Rock (oldies):
Christian: New Age: Rock (punk):
Classical: Pop: Techno (alternative):
Country: R&B (funk): Techno (ambient):
Disco: R&B (oldies): Techno (trip hop):
Eastern European: R&B (rap):  

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